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Hometown:Flint, MI
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Long
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Shoe Size:8.5
Modeling Tips
What is a Fashion Model?

Fashion models are used mainly to promote apparel, accessories, and cosmetics. There are two types of fashion models: high fashion and commercial. High fashion modeling is an art form of fashion. The photographer photographs the model in artistic themes that relate to the clothing promoted. The model uses their face and body to express different emotions required. High fashion is typical for work on campaigns, collections and magazine editorials for high fashion designers.
A Fashion Model Portfolio.

A fashion model portfolio is a collection of a model's best model photographs which are used to get fashion modeling assignments with top modeling clients. Your model portfolio is an essential part of your model look and will reflect that in your model photographs. It's important that you keep updating your portfolio regularly and you will find it one of your most important model tools in your possession.
A Professional Attitude.

Modeling is a business, pure and simple. It can be great fun, but professional photographers, art directors, casting directors, and video graphers are in the business of creating images for a profit. Their time is money, and so is yours. Treat these professionals as you would expect to be treated when it comes to time. Don't waste their time by not being punctual or ready to work at the scheduled start time.
Does Height Matter?

Height matters, yes and no. It matters for high fashion shows and because models need to be similar to each other and height showcases clothes better. In other areas of modeling it matters in that the clothes need to fit well and being short or extra tall means that hemlines and cuffs will not reach the length the designer chose. For advertising and TV commercials it matters far less than other features such as a great smile or acting ability.
What is a comp card?

A composite card is a model's business card. It is important that the images on your card are your absolute best and nothing less. Additionally, the printing and reproduction quality is extremely important. Besides a great head-shot, the comp card will have other photos that show your experience, your versatility, range, and what type of work you are seeking. For best results all of the photos should be the highest quality you can obtain at your stage in your modeling career.
Creating A Good Impression.

Try to create a first impression by using a dress and shoes with hills for emphasizing legs and length. The second attribute which can impact is effective and moody facial expression. With the right mood creation, mouth and eyes could really be used to your advantage. Work on your expressions in front of the mirror and remember how it feels. Most of the communication with the camera has to get you deeply involved. You have to feel something special when you are communicating with the camera.
Your Runway Awareness.

Your eyes should be focused straight ahead of you. Looking off into the distance. Your chin should be down slightly while runway modeling. Your shoulders need to stay still as you walk. This can take a little getting used to but will not take long. Your arms should only swing as much as your body makes them. Always remember to have your hands open with your fingers nearly totally straightened. Take longer strides, but you need to walk with one foot in front of the other. Stand straight up with your shoulders back.
Any Photographer Will Do?

It isn't a case of all experience is good experience as you should never display pictures in your book that make you look any less than your best. Therefore, crappy second rate pictures can do you more harm than good and also may even spoil your view of yourself or your confidence. Also, always remember that bad pictures don't always go away. Especially now with the internet your pictures can spread like crazy. So, an extra reason to never be photographed if you feel uncomfortable with the clothing or lack of!
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